High Performance Paints “Thermosin®”
  • First of all, let's start by selecting the functions (*1) and color (*2) that you really want.

    Various functions can be provided by applying and impregnating substrates such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass and carbon, plastic and non-woven fabric. In addition, there are abundant colors for various situations.

    In addition to a conventional solvent-based product, we offer a lineup of environmentally friendly Aqueous Thermosin®(*3) that can be diluted with tap water.
    We also have a products line that comply with Japan Food Sanitation Law.

  • High Performance Paints “Thermosin®”


Multiple functions can be combined from 25 types of functions.

Thermal propertiesHigh temperature heat resistance, Heat insulation, Heat reflection, Fire resistance, Heat dissipation, Far infrared radiation
Physical propertiesWearing, Stain resistance, Mold release, Non sticky, Waterproof, Hydrophilic, Water repellent
Chemical propertiesAcid resistance, Chemical resistance, Oil resistance, Corrosion protection/Rust prevention, Sliding, Lubrication, Shock resistance
Electrical characteristicsInsulation, Conductive, Antistatic
Optical propertiesReflection, Absorption, Radiation, Control of stray light
Environmental responseAqueous series: Environmentally friendly inside and outside of the workplace. It is neitherhazardous, dangerous nor flammable.

JPMA Standard Paint colors(*2)

It can be selected from the standard paint color table of the Japan Paint Manufacturers Association.


(Japanese name サーモジン®) (English name: Thermosin®) is a registered trademark of high-performance paints developed, manufactured and sold by Tokyo Thermochemical Ind. Co., Ltd