• "Thermosin®" is a special paint that is applied to ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass, carbon, plastics, etc. mainly to protect it from heat and chemical reactions in various use environments, or to give the surface several functions.
    In addition, various colors can be selected. Add functions and colors to cooking appliances, automobile parts, OA equipment parts, chemical plant, chimney, ship, desulfurization equipment, baking furnace, pipes for chemicals, etc. with just one coat!

Various functions of the high-performance paints "Thermosin®"

  • We create colors and functions by customer needs.

    Tokyo Thermochemical Ind. Co., Ltd., is a specialized functional paints and inks manufacturer, that innovates, manufactures, and sells in the niche high performance paint market.
    Paint "Thermosin®", design as a functional coat that meet the needs of each customer.
    If you have any problems with improving the functions and maintenance of heating appliances, cooking utensils, functional industrial products, automotive parts, various factory facilities and equipment and so on, please leave it to Tokyo Thermochemical Ind. Co., Ltd.
    Regarding environmental measures, we propose water-based heat-resistant paints from the viewpoint of VOC reduction to improve the work environment and air quality.
    In addition to conventional solvent-based products, we also offer a lineup of environmentally friendly Aqueous "Thermosin®", (*3) that can be diluted with tap water.