Payment and Purchasing

How to purchase our product?

How to conduct payment?

Do you have Price list?

How about dealing conditions?

Can I individually buy product?

How about delivery lead time ?

Can I purchase from small amount?

How to request Quotation?


Is it possible to deliver a product to any country?

How about shipping fee?


Can I get Safety Data Sheet ?

Can I get parameter sheet?

Can I get technical data sheet?

Can I get price Quotation?

Sample and Test

Can I get a sample of coated test piece?

Is it possible to develop new product by request ?

Can I get a sample paint ?

Color toning

What color do you have?

Can I ask color toning by the Munsell standard color chart.?

Can you adjust color toning according to the color charts?

Painting information

Can I dry coating paint in room temperature?

What kind of surface treatment is needed before paiting?

What is the baking temperature after coating?

What kind of materials could be painted?

How long is a good painting interval ?

If I paint thicker than recommendable coating thickness, a function would be better?

Additional thinner make the painting area bigger ?

Can I paint by brush?

How to peel out the lasted coating?

Can I ask you painting work?

Can I ask you painting and baking?

About functions

What is Highly-functional paint?

What kind of highly functional paint do you have?

What is maximum heat resistance temperature?

What is finger touch evaluation?

How to know the hardness of coating?

What should we pay attention to after painting?

What is a different Water-based and Solvent type?

What do you pay attention for environment problem?

What is Eco-friendly paint?

Do you have a paint which is good for acid resistant?

Can I mix with a paint of another company or another grade?

Do you have painting work?

Storage and disposal

How to store product?

How to dispose paint?

How long is a life of paint?