Recruitment information

Our appeal point in recruitment

  • The trust of major customers has been cultivated through technical capabilities and continuous quality improvement that have been ongoing since its establishment in 1966.
  • A high equity ratio and sound debt-free management.
  • Consolidated member of the Nitchitsu Co., Ltd. which also has a high equity ratio and a sense of stability established in 1950, listing on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • The major users of the products are iron manufacturing companies such as JFE, shipbuilding, chemical plants, home appliances, OA parts, automobile parts manufacturers, etc., and also export to China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries.
  • Emphasis on quality. We are doing business with world major paint manufacturers as ODM and OEM under their quality control.
  • Strengthen human resources, and gathering the best people. Company culture is generous and calm under free thinking.

Recruitment guidelines

Occupation Production department, Technical Dept., Sales Dept., Administration Dept. etc. and Sales agent in each countries.
Requirements Chemistry majors (Applied chemistry, Industrial chemistry) are desirable in the manufacturing and technical departments.
Products Line Highly functional Paints & Coatings A special paint that is applied to metal parts, etc. from room temperature up to 800 ° C to protect it from heat and chemical reactions, various usage environments, or to give the surface a new function. The color can be adjusted in various ways. It manufactures cooking appliances, automobile parts, OA equipment parts, chemical plants, chimneys, firing furnaces, piping parts, etc. according to the application. It has a good reputation and experience for developing special paints, is widely adopted by major domestic manufacturers in each field, and exports to Asian countries.
Customers Home appliance manufacturers, cookware manufacturers, electronic component manufacturers, automobile component manufacturers, heavy electrical machinery manufacturers, chemical plants, power plants, steel mills, paper manufacturers, incinerators and industrial firing furnaces, various equipment manufacturers, trading companies and paint stores, etc.
Salary Please contact us
Various benefits Housing allowance, family allowance, commuting allowance, lunch assistance, etc.
Location Head office, plant (Tokyo or Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture)
Working hours Flexible Working System Basic 8:30~17:30 8hours/day+1 hour break Core time 10:30~15:30(Possible working time 6:30~19:30)
Holiday vacation 2days off at all weekends, Summer holidays, New Year holidays, etc. Paid vacation: 11 days in the first year (Max. 20 days/year)
Insurance Employment insurance, health insurance, welfare pension, work injury insurance depends on your assignment.
Application method Please let us know from the "Contact Form" The person in charge will contact you with details such as necessary documents and interview date in English.
Contact information 2605 Matoba, Kawagoe City, Saitama, Japan 350-1101 Tokyo Thermochemical Ind. Co., Ltd.